Stanislaus County Contract Voting Results

Voting was held on October 8th and 9th for acceptance or rejection of the proposed contract with Stanislaus County. Below are the results from the voting: 

Bargaining Unit [BU#] Option #1
 4%-1%-1%-3% Total 9%
Option #2
 5%-0%-0%-3% Total 8%
Option #3
 Reject both offers
Office Worker/Clerical        [8] 76% 14.60% 9.40%
Technical Services           [B/11] 78.20% 7% 14.80%
Crafts/Maintenance/Institutional [9] 68.70% 14.90% 16.40%

All three remaining bargaining units have accepted Option #1,. A 4% salary restoration will be effective November 1st, 2014 (pay date 11/26/2014) followed by a 1% restoration July 2015, 1% cost of living adjustment in July 2016 and 3% cost of living adjustment in July 2017. 

 Thank you goes out to our Negotiation Team - Richard Hull, Karen Lee, Jeff Emens, Ilif Hall, Virginia Ehrler, Matthew Cantrell, Brian England, Steuart Holt, Joe Duarte, Fay Adams, Brooke Freeman, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Forrest Loomis and Business Agents Corinne Wilson and Kristy Waskiewicz. All of your hard work and persistence during the negotiation process to get the County to move from their initial offer of 1% in the first year is to be commended. 

 Thank you also goes out to all of those members who demonstrated at the Board of Supervisors meetings in August (video) and September (video) in our Fight against Furloughs! Your actions, your words and your determination pushed the Board of Supervisors to offer the additional upfront salary restoration. You showed the Board of Supervisors that we were not backing down, that we would fight for what was fair and what to expect from us in the future!