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Contract Common Questions

Why are we voting by Bargaining Units?

We recently emailed a letter to our members to explain the voting process.

Is there a "me too" clause?
If the other Bargaining Units or Unions get a better deal, will we get it too?
What happened to our "me too" clause?

No, There is no "me too" clause in our current or proposed contract nor has any previous contract of AFSCME Local 10 included that clause.  We also found that none of the other twelve Unions include a "me too" clause in their current contracts.

Given that a "me too" clause is not included in any of the twelve Union contracts, if any other Bargaining Unit or Union receives more favorable contractual terms those terms will not apply.

If the other Bargaining Units or Unions get a better deal, will we get it too?

If other Bargaining Units or Unions ratify a contract with better terms there will be no change to your Bargaining Units' contract terms.

How do I find out what bargaining unit I am in?

Your bargaining unit can be located by searching for your official job title on the Stanislaus County Job Titles and Descriptions page.  You Bargaining Unit will be listed at the top. 

With the percentages being so close, did we do a recount?

Yes.  A recount was performed to verify the results.

What about retro pay?
Does this mean we wont get retroactive pay?
Why does the salary restoration take effect after Board approval and not July 1st?

While we would have liked to have had a tentative agreement to present to our members for a ratification vote before June 30th, we did not feel that the offer(s) reflected what our membership wanted. We did discuss retro active pay with the County and after analyzing the difficulties of implementation and the additional time to negotiate such an agreement we choose to focus our time and effort and salary restoration which is a priority for our members.

What about Health Care Benefits?
How do we know the County won't raise our Health Care Costs?
What has the Union negotiated in regards to health care?
Do we anticipate increases in Health Care costs?

Health Care is negotiated separately so we are unable to comment as to how much Health Care costs will increase or decrease.

What happens if members pass/reject this proposal?

If members accept the proposed contract it will be presented to the Board of Supervisors at their next regularly scheduled meeting for a timely approval and implementation.

If members reject the proposed contract the Negotiation Team will go back to the Bargaining table and try to negotiate an alternate agreement.  If no agreement is reached and negotiations are stalled either party could declare impasse. We would then go to mediation and to fact finding.  Worst case scenario, we would come out of mediation with the same proposal we have now as any reversal would be considered Regressive Bargaining.  In addition the contract implementation would be delayed until the steps listed above were completed.