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Committees and Other Positions

By-Laws / Policy Committee
Meets as needed to discuss internal standards and practices.

Elections Committee
Organize and run nominations and elections for all seats and committees.  Meets when elections or nominations are necessary.

Finance Committee
Meets monthly to discuss financials and authorization of bill payments. Sets budget for each calendar year and organizes union accounts.

Newsletter / Website Committee
This committee creates and distributes newsletters, creates and manages online content.  If you have a knack for writing, know a thing or two about websites, enjoy taking photos or designing flyers or video content, be sure to sign up here.

Public Relations Committee (Committee Member Page)
Meets monthly to discuss union image and organize fun events like the 4th of July Parade and the Labor Day BBQ for our members.

    The purpose of SCEPAC will be to:

    (a). Promote the well-being of active and retired employees in Stanislaus County.

    (b.)  Encourage all persons to participate in political activities for the purpose of obtaining or developing governmental polices;  legislation; administration; and finances for the advancement of the cause of good government in Stanislaus County.

    (c.)  Encourage all persons to participate in Political activities to procure candidates and to elect to office persons who are interested in the betterment of the working and retirement conditions of employees working in public jurisdictions within Stanislaus County.

    SCEPAC typically meets monthly, more frequently during election time to discuss union endorsements for local and statewide candidates.  Two members also meet with 38 other unions at the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council the 2nd Monday every month to discuss political candidates and activities.

Other Positions

Stanislaus County Discipline Appeals Board
Chapter 3.28 of the Stanislaus County Code establishes procedures for appeals from disciplinary actions for classified employees of the County. Compliance with this Code calls for the Board of Supervisors to appoint a three member Appeals Board to one-year terms to hear and decide upon disciplinary matters as well as to serve as the final step in the County's Equal Opportunity Grievance Procedure. The Appeals Board is composed of an employee chosen from among the nominees of employee organizations, a Department Head and a practicing attorney who is not a member of County service and who serves as chairperson of the Appeals Board.

AFSCME Local 10's involvement on this board is one more way that we represent our members.  Fay Adams was nominated by AFSCME Local 10 and subsequently appointed by random drawing for the 2014 term; Karen Lee as the first alternate employee member for 2011.

Stanislaus County Catastrophic Illness/Donated Time Appeals Board

The Donated Time Review Board is responsible for reviewing and making the final determination if the receiving employee meets the criteria set forth in the “Voluntary Time Bank for Catastrophic Illness or Injury” policy.

The Donated Time Review Board consists of four (4) members that serve a one year term. The panel members will be two (2) management employees and two (2) members of the County labor work force. A County Registered Nurse will sit on the panel in an advisory capacity.

AFSCME Local 10's involvement on this board is one more way that we represent our members.

Stanislaus County Healthcare Negotiation Team

The Stanislaus County Healthcare Negotiation Team negotiates Healthcare benefits and also participates in the Employee Benefits Committee that meets throughout the year as well as the Employee Wellness Program Workgroup.