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Board Member

The governing body of AFSCME Local 10 - except when membership meetings are in session, that decides all matters affecting the policies, aims and means of the local not provided by the Constitution or by action of the membership.

Job Steward

AFSCME members bring different skills, abilities, strengths and experiences to the job of union steward. Some stewards are terrific organizers while others are great at motivating people. Some enjoy representing members in the grievance procedure and others eagerly tackle on-the-job issues by developing new tactics and strategies. With their energy, enthusiasm and commitment, AFSCME stewards play a key role in creating a vigorous local union.

Current Openings:

  • Aging & Veterans Services
  • Agricultural Commissioner
  • Animal Services
  • Auditor Controller
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Chief Executive Office
  • Child Support Services
  • Children & Families Commission
  • Community Services Agency
  • Cooperative Extension
  • County Counsel
  • District Attorney
  • General Services Agency
  • Grand Jury
  • (2) Health Services Agency
  • Law Library
  • Probation
  • Public Authority
  • Public Defender
  • Retirement Board
  • Stanislaus Regional 911
  • Treasurer


Members contribute their expertise and time on activities they are passionate about.  Committee offer an opportunity to do just that.  From Political Action to Newsletters, from Public Relations to Labor Management there is something for you.

Current Openings:
  • Newsletter / Website
  • By Laws
  • Elections
  • Finance
  • Stanislaus County Employees Political Action Committee (SCEPAC)
  • Public Relations
  • Phone Banks
  • Precinct Walks

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