Candidate Statements

Our election for Stanislaus County Health Care Negotiators will be held on February 22nd at the Union Office and at Harvest Hall. Below are any submitted candidate statements from our nominees.

Ilif Hall - Stanislaus County Office Worker Clerical Health Care Negotiator Candidate

I have been an employee of Stanislaus County for 20 years and have been a Union Member is good standing for 19 years.  I have been an active AFSCME Local 10 Board Member for over 10 years.  I during this time I have been the prior Local 10 Secretary and I am the Current Local 10 Treasurer.  I have sat on the the Negotiation Team for Local 10 for Contract Negotiations and Health Care Negotiations.  I am currently part of the Health Benefits Committee as a representative for Office Worker/Clerical.

I feel I am best candidate because I have history behind the Health Care Negotiations because of my involvement with the Health Benefits Committee.  I would be a great honor to represent our membership again as a Health Care Negotiator for Local 10 as a representative for Office Worker/Clerical.

Ilif Hall